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Body armor outlet

Bulletproof vests give you the wearer special protection from weapons fire. You will find different levels of protection offered by these vests, depending on the needs from the wearer. Military and police officers personnel have special protocols which require certain protection levels during duty or involved in an operation. This will likely include the assault or tactical vest.

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Bulletproof vests can be used stopping penetration and preventing blunt trauma. When bullets impact our bodies, they hit with tremendous force. The vest prevents serious injury at different levels as rated with the National Institute of Justice.

The majority are made from heavy duty nylon mesh. With every grade of protection added to the base, such as Kevlar or clay, the impact on the body lessens. Some tactical vests include a plate carrier as well.

Level I

This thickness should stop a .38 Special at 850 feet per second (fps) or a .22 caliber bullet at 1,050 fps. Whilst not recommended for serious police or military operations, it really is effective for riots or the game of paintball. These types are relatively comfortable and allow freedom of movement more than the heavier ones.

Level II-A

When used for basic threats encountered at work at the duty level, this manner should stop a 9mm Full Metal Jacket at 1,090 fps or perhaps a.357 Jacketed Soft Point at 1,250 fps and other shots. A weapons fire from your 12-gauge or OO buckshot has lesser impact of force too. The II-A carries only the minimum recommendation to prevent blunt trauma, but is helpful for concealment and still has a moderate ease and comfort. A thickness of about 4 mm is most popular.

Level II

This kind of bulletproof vest minimizes penetration from the same threats because II-A, but are thicker, less comfortable and so are more visible beneath clothing. The safety provided reduces the trauma more effectively from bullets travelling at a higher rate of speed, because thickness is about 5 mm.

Level III-A

The most efficient for preventing blunt trauma among soft body armor, it must stop the 9mm bullet at 1,400 fps. This really is equal to velocity from a submachine gun or similar weapon, such as the.44 caliber Magnum Lead Semi-Wadcutter. Measuring between 8 and 10mm thick, it provides a heavier level of protection. This reduces the amount of blunt force trauma received, allowing the person to return fire while wearing this grade vest. It's effective for high threat operations.

Level IV

Sometimes known as hard body armor, this usually measures between 10 and 12 mm thick. It is much heavier than the lesser levels. Far better for heavy combat, it is less comfortable in hot climates rather than recommended for concealment.